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The Grow@Jigsaw team approached Cosmic to assist with some website development consultancy for their organisation.

Cosmic's Joint-CEO Kate Doodson and Web Services Assistant Jamie Dąbrowiecki travelled up to the meet with the Grow team and provided them with two days of consultancy and advice.

Using various team exercises on the first day, Grow@Jigsaw were successfully able to identify the content they needed on their website, a first draft sitemap, marketing opportunities and definitive roles within the group.

The second day entailed lots more hands on work - the team split into two groups, a web development team and a marketing and content team. The content and marketing team spent time with Jamie identifying the best places to find images for the website in addition to their existing ones - lots of the images found were sources from which is a stock image site. The team also wrote up the first draft content for the website and gathered all the images and copy ready for the web development team. It was also their duty to think of marketing opportunities and techniques - this ranged from using snappy puns as headings to updating the Grow@Jigsaw blog with useful recipes and guides for all to enjoy.

While this was happening, the web development team worked with Jamie to begin the construction of the website. This was a new experience for the team, and with Cosmic's guidance, the team was able to understand how to use WordPress and the theme framework being used, as well as the technical 'behind the scenes' information such as web hosting servers, domain names and DNS. In a very short period of time, the web development team were able to put the ideas they had down on paper into a working website. The website is responsive to cater for mobile and tablet users, and features all the modern techniques and standards used in web development today.

Following on from the second session, the Grow@Jigsaw team continued their group sessions together, curating content and piecing together the website, though they were now doing this independently from the skills they had obtained from the two days of mentoring from Cosmic. Cosmic's Jamie provided telephone and e-mail support to the Grow team for whenever they had any queries, though the vast majority of the development was carried out by Ben and his team of developers, and they crafted a fantastic website which shows off the great work that Grow@Jigsaw does.

A big thankyou to Jules and Jade from the Real Ideas Organisation for their involvement and support with the project, and also a special mention to the Grow@Jigsaw team of Gemma, Ben, James, Simon, Jamie (Snowy), Kev, Paul and Leonard for their great work on the project and website.