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Whitford Scarecrow Festival 2007. . . should be a fantastic gig(gle)

Whitford Scarecrow Festival 2007 Whitford Scarecrow Festival 2007

Elton John, Dolly Parton, the Zimmers and Elvis - just a few of the big names who are expected to be making an appearance in Whitford over the weekend of August 11th & 12th.

Yes, once again it’s time for the Whitford Scarecrow Festival!

The theme this year is “Music” and all of the scarecrows will have some connection, however tenuous, to that subject. Song titles, performers, stage shows and musical characters all feature somewhere. In total, over 100 scarecrows will be on display over the weekend.

There are plans to turn the area outside the Village Hall into a replica of Worthy Farm (with apologies to Michael Eavis), complete with stage, campsite and audience. There probably won’t be quite so much mud as our Somerset neighbours were able to provide, but if the monsoon weather holds, then we may even be able to accomplish that!
Anyone who came to the last Scarecrow Festival may remember the Christening taking place in the village church. This year the building has been earmarked as the venue for a “Songs of Praise” . . . .

The display of scarecrows will be accompanied during the weekend by a variety of live musicians and on the Saturday afternoon the Whitford Produce Association are holding their annual Summer Show.
Light refreshments will be provided all weekend courtesy of the WI, the ladies of the Produce Association and the Village Hall committee, and there will be a fully-licensed bar in the Village Hall on Saturday lunchtime and most of Sunday.
Scarecrows should be out & about by 10am on both days. Bedtime is between 5 & 6.
The village is flat and compact, so the display is accessible to everyone.

A Scarecrow Trail booklet will be available before, and during, the event. There are prizes to be won and any proceeds from the weekend will go to the various village groups and organisations. They operate on limited finances and deserve a helping hand.

Although in only its third year, this unusual event has won the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Its widespread appeal has earned well-deserved recognition on the East Devon calendar of events. If you’re looking for something different to do, the search stops here!

If you’re travelling by car, please use the off-road parking in the show field. Whitford is a small village and there isn’t really anywhere else you can leave a car without causing an obstruction.

For more information on this year’s Festival, please ‘phone 01297 553509 or email
Photographs of the last Scarecrow Festival can be seen online at:

Whitford Scarecrow Festival 2007 Whitford Scarecrow Festival 2007