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The key to Sidmouth's success as a tourist destination is its combination of elegance and excitement. On the one hand it takes pride and pleasure in its fundamental asset, its stunning location. It has a wonderful combination of sandstone cliffs, glistening clear waters and the elegant town backdrop. However, it has also become a centre for summer excitement, with the regatta, folk festival and carnival.

Within the last twelve months, Sidmouth has become an accessible and popular water sports centre, for yachtsmen and women, windsurfers and body boarders. This has all been since the ambitious and effective break water scheme, undertaken by the local council.

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Sidmouth Folk Festival
Sidmouth Folk Festival is totally unique! Not only as an Edwardian seaside town but as the proud venue for the biggest Folklore Festival in Europe. The Colour, spectacle and sheer energy filling every corner of the town through the week long celebration leaves its visitors breathless. 1997 was its 43rd year and it has grown steadily to support over 600 concerts, dances, spectacular shows and exhibitions. For more images click here. The Arena showground is a good starting point with its craft fair, traders' market and Victorian Fairground. It has Jugglers, stilts, clowns, a very energetic children's Programme and an international selection of hot and cold food.
Click here for places to stay in and around Sidmouth, as published by Sidmouth Town Council.

Red Violinist Sidmouth Folk festival