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Sidmouth is a beautiful, unspoilt regency town overlooking the waters of Lyme Bay. It has managed to preserve much of its old world charm, people promenading along the sea front unhindered by the intrusion of modern buildings, much as they would have done centuries before. It is the little touches that make all the difference; magnificent floral displays throughout the town and a pedestrianized market square to enable people to enjoy the market and the shops to the full. Sidmouth has been winner of Europe's Floral Town on the strength of an astonishingly consistent ability to bring the town alive through flowers. It has a track record of excellence; four times winner ofnd twice as the winner of the Entente Floral International.

Every year at the height of the summer months, it is home to an international folk festival, when the town literally overflows with colour and swings to the sound of world music. The once quiet promenade becomes a packed corridor of Morris dancers, didgeridoos, fire eaters and lyre players. Festival goers trip from pub to pub, pewter tankards in hand sampling the local ale at the town's many pubs.

Sidmouth Sunset

People who have visited Sidmouth once generally return again and again. Its old world charm is enchanting. It has a good choice and high standard of hotel accommodation, relaxing pubs, traditional shops and is an ideal base for visiting local attractions and walking the local countryside.