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Beer is a beautiful on and off season holiday destination. There are holiday flats and restaurants with excellent cuisine, all year round and the spectacular coastal views are to be treasured whatever time of year visitors decide to come. There are however, certain events that bring people, both local and national, to the town in their droves.

August sees the town playing host to an annual Regatta, when the true spirit of the towns maritime history comes to life in full colour. Raft racing, sailing and swimming are just a few of the prominent activities, but it is a day packed full of entertainment.


Beer has a pretty beach, which is shared by local fisherman and those who come to seek the sun. The steep chalk cliffs provide an excellent cove that acts as a suntrap. The beech is clean and pebbled and a rubber mat walkway has been provided to allow people better access to the far reaches of the beach, where deck chairs await sunbathers.

Half a mile from the village centre are the Beer Quarry Caves. History again comes to life, with the realisation that these underground quarries were all hewn by hand, an inspiring site once you step inside. The caverns are vast and high and the excavated contents of these caves are spread far and wide around England, from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle. The popularity of Beer stone was its soft structure, making it easy to carve initially, but hardening with time and the elements.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy the delights of the local Pecorama. With authentic railway signs, hoardings and fixtures from local stations, before they were closed down in the days of Dr beaching, the Pecorama has done well at preserving the areas railway heritage. The mile long steam railway ride is always popular, since it takes you through some beautifully maintained grounds. The centre was opened in 1975 by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry, the originator of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Indeed one of the locomotives at Pecorama is called Thomas Junior and at the time of opening. local children were allowed free rides and tea as an opening treat. There is a model railway factory and Exhibition of Scenic Railway Modelling within the complex, proving ever popular with both young and old.