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A short walk will reveal the cottages (originally thatched ) in North Street, echoing the craft workshops once common in the town - the town clink, the site of the original carpet factory and numerous 'bygones'.

In 1755 Thomas Whitty set out to achieve a replica of a Turkish carpet that he had been shown and succeeded in producing a famous tradition - " Axminster's from Axminster". Today's modern factory ensures that the name of Axminster is known around the world - even St Mary's church has its local carpet.

Situated about five miles inland from Seaton and Lyme Regis, Axminster is easy to reach by car or train and since the completion of the by-pass, a pleasure to walk around. Surrounded by many small villages there is no shortage of places to see and many good walks

Come and be fascinated by the variety of livestock and speed of the auctioneer's tongue!

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